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29 Sep '23 Gold Bounce Fails, Drops 4.1% in Sept as GLD ETF Shrinks to 4-Year Low Adrian Ash
28 Sep '23 Gold Hits 6-Month Lows as US Bond Yields Jump on Strong Data, Looming Shutdown Adrian Ash
27 Sep '23 China Gold Price Sinks from $2000 as Autumn Holidays Begin Adrian Ash
26 Sep '23 Gold Price Falls as Yield Curve's 'Bear Steepener' Whacks Stocks Again Adrian Ash
25 Sep '23 Gold Price 'Resilient' Above Financial Crisis High as US Government Shutdown Looms Atsuko Whitehouse
22 Sep '23 Gold Holds Tightest Trading Range in 5 Years as Real Rates Hit 2009 Highs Adrian Ash
21 Sep '23 GLD Gold ETF Smallest in 4 Years as US Fed Raises 2024 Interest-Rate Forecast Adrian Ash
20 Sep '23 Gold Price Defies US Bond Yields' New 16-Year Highs Ahead of 'Hawkish' Fed Adrian Ash
19 Sep '23 Shanghai Arb Gives Dollar Gold Price 'More Room to Rise' as Yen Gold Hits Record Adrian Ash
18 Sep '23 London Gold Price Slips from 2-Week High as Fed and Inflation Fears Rally with Crude Oil Atsuko Whitehouse
15 Sep '23 London Gold Rebounds as 'New Imports' Snap China's Price Surge Adrian Ash
14 Sep '23 Shanghai Gold Price Hits Another Record as Beijing Warns Against Dumping Stocks Adrian Ash
13 Sep '23 Gold 'Under Pressure' as US Inflation Dip Fails to Cool Fed Rate Forecasts Adrian Ash
12 Sep '23 China Gold Price Hits 7th New Record in 10 Days as SSE Earnings Slump Adrian Ash
11 Sep '23 Gold Prices Split by FX Action as Tokyo and Beijing Talk Up the Yen and Yuan Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Sep '23 Shanghai Gold Sets Another New Record as Yuan Hits 16-Year Low vs. Dollar Adrian Ash
07 Sep '23 Gold Price Splits in Dollars vs. UK and Euro as Rate Forecasts Diverge Adrian Ash
06 Sep '23 Gold ETF 'Attrition' Wears On as US Data Backs 'Higher for Longer' Fed Rates Adrian Ash
04 Sep '23 Yuan and Yen Depreciation Sees Gold Prices Hit Fresh Record Highs Atsuko Whitehouse
01 Sep '23 Gold Price Rebound Fades as Dollar, Rates Rally on 'Less Awful' Data Adrian Ash
31 Aug '23 US Inflation and Chinese PMI Data Leave Gold, Silver Prices Near 1-Month Highs Adrian Ash
30 Aug '23 Gold Price Jumps on Weak US Data, Hits New Records in JPY and CNY Adrian Ash
25 Aug '23 Gold and Silver Cut Weekly Gains as Powell Vows 'Higher for Longer' Adrian Ash
24 Aug '23 Gold Price Keeps PMI Gains But Bond Yields Rally, Fed to Stick with 'Higher for Longer' Adrian Ash
23 Aug '23 Gold Price Jumps for UK, Euro and US Investors as Data Slumps Before Jackson Hole Adrian Ash

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